Injury Specific Massage

Have you recently been in a car accident? At the Oregon Wellness Center our therapists are trained in injury specific massage. Our therapists focus on the specific structures involved in the injury. Sometimes this may require soft tissue work in areas you did not even realize needed attention. This type of massage differs from a swedish or relaxation massage. The goal is not full body relaxation. Our main goal is to focus on your pain, treat the injury and promote soft tissue healing. Ultimately you will feel better and and you will feel relaxed.

If you have an open car accident claim your massage will be COVERED 100% for up to 12 months. Our Chiropractor, Dr. McLagan, will be happy to write you the proper referral for your auto insurance company.

You can't erase the accident, but you can erase the pain.

Let us at the Oregon Wellness Center take care of you. Why wait?

Feel good again.

Feel good again

You deserve it.